Thursday, April 23, 2009

Go Tea!

Well I am officially giving up coffee, except for mornings Bobby and I have together. Yesterday I had a cup with two tea bags, and I got the same burst of craziness like I would from from my coffee. The nice difference I noticed, I woke up withOUT a headache. I have been experiencing headaches for the past week or so, knowing it was mainly from lack of drinking water and staying hydrated, but I felt good this morning, and I slept REALLY well last night. And to kick start it, I found a slew of teas on sale yesterday, so I think it was a sign. I am hoping to find a new love for tea, so if anyone has any favorites, send them my way please! I already like Stash and Two Leaves and a Bud. Republic of Tea has a nice variety as well. Wish me luck!