Thursday, June 18, 2009

Top Chef

Well, that might be what I would like to be, anyways. I have officially begun my kitchen makeover! I suppose my parents started it for me, by handing over this complete set of new silverware. I think it has 72 pieces! It was something I desperately needed, especially since I can only remember purchasing a "set" at Walmart when I either moved to Austin or right before I had Ethan Cole. I don't know how we survived that long.

So MY first purchase was a KitchenAid spatula in RED! I love this new brick red color they have, and I have been visiting the utensil aisle everytime I am at work. This color has caught my eye for some time; since our friends built a house and had accent pieces in the same color. I longed to find the same shade, and viola! I think I am going to match some paint to it for making my own accent pieces- such as picture frames, and shelves or maybe the front door even.

Other new kitchen tools we have dusted off and finally brought to life, are the "Magic Bullet" and the "FoodSaver". We had yummy strawberry milkshakes last night, by Chef Bobby, plus next week I will try my hand at it by making yogurt smoothies for my play date with Shawna. Today I shrunk all my meals, that I cooked on Tuesday, into tiny little packages for the freezer. I loved
it! This has been a much awaited plan for cooking: spend one day cooking all your meals for the week, then freeze them away till you pick which one you want! The FoodSaver is perfect for this very idea. I can even portion out single servings, so that we can take them for lunch, too. I hope that this will start a new chapter in organization, and I can keep it up. Wish me happy cooking, and let me know if you want a free demo!

~I got a little cheesy with my photo shoot~