Wednesday, April 7, 2010

6 1/2 Months

Already two-thirds of the way there, this pregnancy has been quite a journey. Even though it is my third, it has been the most memorable. Having the boys around to watch me grow has been really fun! At the beginning when I told Evan I had a baby in my belly, he decided he did, too! He loved pulling up his shirt and touching our bellies together; for a while it was his baby, and not mine! So sweet. Cole used his "all-knowing" 7 yr old humor and happily told friends,"My mommy has a baby sister in her belly, but . . . well, we don't know it's a sister because it's only the size of a frog!" That is definitely going in the baby book.:) He also loves telling me everyday that my belly is getting really big, and talking to the baby. There is already so much love from these brothers to their soon-to-be brother, a beautiful bond is beginning.

The Preggos: Suzanne and I at Jacob's 30th B-Day. She is having a boy!