Thursday, April 23, 2009

Go Tea!

Well I am officially giving up coffee, except for mornings Bobby and I have together. Yesterday I had a cup with two tea bags, and I got the same burst of craziness like I would from from my coffee. The nice difference I noticed, I woke up withOUT a headache. I have been experiencing headaches for the past week or so, knowing it was mainly from lack of drinking water and staying hydrated, but I felt good this morning, and I slept REALLY well last night. And to kick start it, I found a slew of teas on sale yesterday, so I think it was a sign. I am hoping to find a new love for tea, so if anyone has any favorites, send them my way please! I already like Stash and Two Leaves and a Bud. Republic of Tea has a nice variety as well. Wish me luck!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Register Your Complaints Here"

So this is a session where I complain about the roommate we have. Yes, we have been sheltering a friend who has been thru a ton of, well, hurricanes lets say. He moved here from Louisiana. A list of all the things that could go wrong almost all happened to him. So we took him in, CHEAP rent and all. So 3 weeks ago, the final stab to the back- he gets laid off from his job. He takes off at the end of that week, comes back last monday/tuesday. He cashes his Unemployment check and pretty much blows it. He eats a few nights with us and eats a good portion of the almost never bought Trix cereal. I haven't seen one ounce of food contributed back into this house. Nor have I heard one mention of a job hunt or new living arrangements. I can only say one word: moooooooooooooooooooooocher! Thursday I was backed up 100% that he had till this friday to pack up and go. Now supposedly he is trying to find a job. At this point I would do anything, job wise, if I was mooching off a family of four that had taken me in. We haven't asked many favors of him- not even to really babysit the kids, just for an hour tops- and he contributes by doing the dishes- even when I tell him not to/ don't want him to beacause he does it like tazmanian devil and throws my dishes around. But to me- you mooch off of your family, not your friends. Family is there to rescue you, lend you money, eat as much food as you want, buy you cigarettes- not a family that is FINALLY, financially doing well, but don't want to celebrate so as to not be asked to borrow money. He has already been taken to court for owing a friend/roommate money. I don't really care to be a victim, having prior knowledge. I know I may sound heartless. But it really is the past "NON-actions" by him that are not just getting under my skin, but feeding the ulcer in my stomach. How would you feel about someone just taking and taking and taking? Unfortunately he has done it before, and I know he'll probably do it till we say the cord is CUT! I really empathize and can't imagine all the things he has gone thru: (okay here some exp.) roommate jumped ship, broke up, ran his truck off our driveway, got laid off. Yeah, I know it is bad. But I agreed to house a working and contributing person. not a bum. I could have brought home any person to do that if I wanted a LONG time ago.

I told Bobby that I am mainly frustrated by his lack of pursuing ANYTHING, not contributing in the most minor way, and that I live in this house also, and have a right to say how I want things to happen and am tired of not being heard, or being persuaded to another option. I don't take charge except for when you piss me off. I kicked 2 roommates out, way back, so what is to stop me, especially when I have reason. I topped of my argument with the fact that I didn't want these petty little annoyances to come between Bobby and I, and us start arguing because of the situation. I work hard and so does he- but for our family, not for a 30+ year old boy who thinks a $145 check and unemployment is fun. The vacay is over and time to own up or get out, damnit.
So I think I need to stop, but do ya hear me? blaaaaah