Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Everhett's One Month

Everhett is 1 month!
It sure has been a bittersweet blur.The Diaper Cake
(My mom made it!)

The first week, my parents played "Nanny".
Grampa "Empa" took Cole to swim lessons, and his newfound love-Rolling in Thyme and Dough Bistro , over in Dripping Springs. Grandma "Mima" also helped with the kids at the hospital and made an awesome in-house nurse/laundry washer/baby burper/cook. We had great time having them here, to welcome baby.

Believe it or not, one week after Everhett was born, I am driving, with Cole-to Steiner Ranch, to buy Craig's List bunkbeds for the boys! After finishing that, we headed back to Hill Country Galleria to catch "The last Airbender" movie. It was beautiful, Cole loved it-I cried. Finally we went home, and Grampa Joe came over for dinner, plus helped Bobby assemble the beds!

The second week Grandma G "Goi-Goi" was there to help with cousin Ally. Lots of baby clothes came with her! She took the kids to Ikea, where she found a great storage unit for the boys room, and helped take Cole to swim, where she watched him swim the entire pool! She got to love on Everhett and play with Evan.

We got a visit from Shawna, Liam and Vivian! Sorry no pic, we were busy talking and eating delicious sandwiches. It was so nice, Vivian had new toys to explore with Evan, and Liam and Ethan Cole compared Lego knowledge!

The third week was sprinkled with family, as a weekend of Schlitterbahn was planned for Bobby's family. Both oldest brothers got to see the baby that week, and the boys had a "slip sliding good time" at the park. Needless to say, I stayed home with the baby and we got some shut-eye!

To end the month, we just got adjusted to being home all together. Everhett definitely prefers a little quite, but I think we got his days and nights mixed up! The very last thing that Everhett did for his 1st month was get his hepB shot, yuck! And last night he graced me with FIVE hours of straight sleep! Thank you Everhett and all the families for letting us have a great first month!
Love to All!
It is hard with every coo or when he opens his eyes, to not think- this is the last time I will get to "have this"! He has absolutely kept me busy being a new mommy again, but that part is the best!