Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!!
Year of the Ox

Saturday, January 24, 2009

So I began my new job this week, and I am feeling so awesome about it. There are so many talented people working with me, and at first I thought there was competition for a lead position (semi-manager), but today I found out that my most likely opponents were 1)pregnant and due in April, so that will at least push back her training a tid bit, and 2) smart as hell, but want to go to culinary school, so won't be a manager for that purpose. Sooooo yea! here comes Natalie. My goal is 6 months, but I am thinking it will take a little bit longer- we will just see how focused I can be. I feel like the last year, I have just been DOING a job. Now I want to MAKE this my job. I want to own it, be all knowing(okay that could take sometime). I have a lot to learn, and I need to find a way to make my mind a sponge- like when you are 2 yrs old. Any suggestions? I am guessing a guaranteed cup o' joe or ginseng tea or the CRAZY stuff called GANO will help. Look it up. I am not going to ruin the surprize, cause I am seriously thinking about getting some- but don't judge. I am realizing that right now I am just typing away, like someone is actually going to read this and listen to what I am babbling about. Why is that? Freeedom of type. I have the shutterfly "blog" (LOVE IT) but always find myself being so fucking proper and trying to say the right thing. It is for family and for MY family, so ya know gotta cross my legs and say yes ,ma'am. Well so much has happen this week I am kinda crazy with news:
  1. First, I finally started COTR(Cafe On The Run) and am so excited!
  2. Second, Bobby got another PROMOTION!!! and he is moving to the flagship branch of Enterprise. It leaves me being the tatertot express, but it also means I see the kids more that I thought. Being we live in the boone dox (?) He will have to leave at the but crack of dawn and I will have to also, getting cole to the bus stop and everyone ready by 6:40 AM!!!!!!! So we will see in a week how well I do- I am sure I will give a full detailed report on that one.
  3. Third (why am I still writing the word when the number is there to tell you ?) We are having our friend, of 7 years, move in with us. I am supposed to be cleaning the baby's room, but it seems to be soooo far away. He is moving in because his DUMBASS of a roommate ranoff with his girlfriend. I could write and entire blog about this sleezeball and why you shouldn't be friends with him. So unfortunately Brad had to be a victim. We are looking for fair trade with this deal. He pays basically what we can't totally afford in rent, and he is going to help us with the garage being converted to a somewhat functioning second "living space". Sounds good right? Again, the future is to be seen. . . . .
  4. Fourth? Oh well about an hour ago I was going to venture down yonder to Gruene Hall and not get drunk enough to drive home(totally kidding Jacob!). But instead I am going to have to spend the next few hours deciding what sexy new top to wear to Little Woodrows. Did I say sexy? well I mean mommy sexy, for all of you that know me, and the fact that I am married. I am just meeting a bunch of HEB friends- the ones I miss and loved working with at night. It's so funny the age range of these people, too. from 23 to 50 maybe? and we all hang out and have stuff to talk about and make fun of each other. Soooo off I go to do my hair- but just a little.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

this crazy thing

So I want to have that side thing that I do- I am trying to keep up with my family first! But I have a site with pics and stories about the fam. So this is mine- and i will entertain you with "corky" creations- maybe take my "top" off , to show you what I can make. Ask my husband-"What is she going to do with all those corks?" Well I hope to share that with you soon- maybe it will turn Etsy on me!!! anyway, bedtime. If you find this, cool. Go year of the Ox and hooorah for ARMY, Astronomy and Austin (the soon to come baby)

Next month: the letter B!!