Monday, August 3, 2009

Making it "Home"

Well. last week, I couldn't resist the deal they had on Gladiolas, and bought some to put in the vases I bought at Ikea (almost a YEAR ago!). I cleared off a few things, stood back, and man! I couldn't believe how beautiful they looked! It was one of the best experiments, with red, in the house.

I wanted to see if the cowboy hat looked good! It was there before the horshoe was, and haven't quite found the perfect hanging. The t.v. was supposed to go there!

This is my "unhandy man" hand drilling the screws into the wall so we can have drapes. I wanted to hang red ones up, but there was a little disagreement about the color scheme.
The one panel ended up on the big dining area window. These drapes are supposed to block out almost 99% of light, so it makes more sense there, since we get pounded with the late afternoon sun; making our little house a chore to cool.

These drapes I have had since . . . hmm, since before we moved to Austin- I know that much! So we put them up, and they aren't too bad. I want to get new ones, but only when bobby and I come to an agreement!