Friday, December 25, 2009


Okay, so we all know we can't pick the sex of our babies, but it can't hurt to try an persuade it a little, right?? So EVERYONE help a sister out and Think Pink!!! We will definately find out who this little wonder is going to be in March, so tie your ribbons, paint your nails, and whatever other girly you can think of----- do it and think of me!!!

Love to all!


Thursday, December 17, 2009


So much so much!! There is so much happening this month already! First, my dad turned 59! Congrats to him! Bobby also turned the big 30! He celebrated at the Boiling Pot- yummy seafood dumped on the table for you to eat- and some shuffle board at Buffalo Billiard's.

In between all the birthdays though, a little miracle made it's debut into the world. On Dec 7th, I traveled to the doctor to confirm I am pregnant! We are working on baby number 3, and so excited. I am now entering my 9th week. We are hoping this will be our girl, but healthy and beautiful are the musts! It's funny, I have a co-worker that already claims I am having a girl, just from the little she has seen me. Who knows!?!

During these 2 months I have experienced only about a week of sickness, constant hunger, and some days extreme tiredness. Oh, and cravings- none! I just crave lots of healthy foods, and cheeses. My one "shame shame" is Coke-it is the only thing that will calm my stomach. The queasiness has already gotten better, so I am drinking less and less.

So if you do the math, this will be a July baby. My sister has had that month all to herself for along time, and I guess this little one is movin' in! The due date I was given is July 14th (my sis' b-day!) But I have early babies, so again it is a toss up. It already seems if time has flown by, since I am already 2 months along. Bobby and I had been semi cautious and every month we kinda held our breath, but in October we tried to convince ourselves it wouldn't happen this year. So here we are! I go back to the doctor in January - so more new then!