Thursday, September 16, 2010

Everhett's Second Month

2 months Old!
12lbs, 9oz

Holding Aunt Teeni's hand. . . . . awwww!

Bath at Mima's house!

Great Grampa Moore and Betty

In his tiny path of life, he is learning about cooing and kisses! He is a very attentive boy, and recognises a new person when they come near me. He has gifted everyone with a side smile and a coo, saving me for last! In the midst of all the amazing new changes in him, there are still the challenges. He cries, but not enough to be colic, and I think he just wants to be entertained. He calms when I sing lullabies, plus I found he loves to be on his back, especially at his changing table, watching the sun thru the trees.
As my appetite has finally calmed a little, Everhett is discovering sleep is his friend. He starts the night off in my arms, then the pack'n'play bassinet for the long stretches. A few times he has slept with me in bed, but only for a nursing session or two. At night he likes to whimper for a few midnight snacks, and then drifts off almost immediately. He is sleeping well in the first half of the day, then likes to keep me guessing in the evenings. We have started using the cradle swing, that our friend Marie let us use, for some of his napping, and that is a nice change for Everhett. I don't have a mobile yet, so when he lays there he gets to watch the birds and leaves spin around.

To end his 2nd month, he started daycare at Live Oak CDC.
This center was opened by one of Evan's old assistant directors, from Barton Creek CDC, Christine. Everhett;s teacher is great with babies- I didn't get one phone call from them on the first day! I really did well, letting him go at TWO months. Cole and Evan were 18 mths before they entered, but when combining a new job to go to, knowing and trusting your daycare, and nervous excitement, somewhere it all equals OK! I love him so much, I wouldn't leave him so early if it didn't feel so right. Also, he love to smile and make little "talking noises". He loves when we make goofy faces and coo at him. All around happy baby boy!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Everhett's One Month

Everhett is 1 month!
It sure has been a bittersweet blur.The Diaper Cake
(My mom made it!)

The first week, my parents played "Nanny".
Grampa "Empa" took Cole to swim lessons, and his newfound love-Rolling in Thyme and Dough Bistro , over in Dripping Springs. Grandma "Mima" also helped with the kids at the hospital and made an awesome in-house nurse/laundry washer/baby burper/cook. We had great time having them here, to welcome baby.

Believe it or not, one week after Everhett was born, I am driving, with Cole-to Steiner Ranch, to buy Craig's List bunkbeds for the boys! After finishing that, we headed back to Hill Country Galleria to catch "The last Airbender" movie. It was beautiful, Cole loved it-I cried. Finally we went home, and Grampa Joe came over for dinner, plus helped Bobby assemble the beds!

The second week Grandma G "Goi-Goi" was there to help with cousin Ally. Lots of baby clothes came with her! She took the kids to Ikea, where she found a great storage unit for the boys room, and helped take Cole to swim, where she watched him swim the entire pool! She got to love on Everhett and play with Evan.

We got a visit from Shawna, Liam and Vivian! Sorry no pic, we were busy talking and eating delicious sandwiches. It was so nice, Vivian had new toys to explore with Evan, and Liam and Ethan Cole compared Lego knowledge!

The third week was sprinkled with family, as a weekend of Schlitterbahn was planned for Bobby's family. Both oldest brothers got to see the baby that week, and the boys had a "slip sliding good time" at the park. Needless to say, I stayed home with the baby and we got some shut-eye!

To end the month, we just got adjusted to being home all together. Everhett definitely prefers a little quite, but I think we got his days and nights mixed up! The very last thing that Everhett did for his 1st month was get his hepB shot, yuck! And last night he graced me with FIVE hours of straight sleep! Thank you Everhett and all the families for letting us have a great first month!
Love to All!
It is hard with every coo or when he opens his eyes, to not think- this is the last time I will get to "have this"! He has absolutely kept me busy being a new mommy again, but that part is the best!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Procreation Mamma Nation

I 'm not sure what I really mean by that title, but my friends at work are really having a blast with my pregnancy, thus this random conglomeration of words!

It has been a trend, from the start, how our family receives many packages to open at once. With Ethan Cole we moved from Austin to Ft. Worth, got married, and moved into and apartment- only to turn around and take him home- with in 3 months. Evan was welcomed with our new house, then miraculous heart surgery and sending his brother to Kindergarten. As we near the arrival of our final addition, I believe this will be the most abundant of celebrations thus far! This time we are graced with the purchase of a new vehicle, and . . . . . . .Bobby's PROMOTION to Branch Manager!! He has been working 3 years for this, and I must say it is the butter cream frosting on the cake!!! Needless to say this will all happen in just 2 months time. Plus it has been a wonderful time celebrating with family and friends. My baby shower wrapped up the week and we had a wonderful girly time, then we fired up the grill and Bobby cooked fajitas for us to finish the day! Whew!

My Baby Shower

Baby, Boy, Sweet, and Cute!

June 5th, 2010

Ignore my goofy face, and check out the bunny Shawna HAND STITCHED for me!

Above, the newset mommy on the block- Jenny and me! Below, my latest attachment :) Thanks to all my friends and family for a wonderful shower, and especially to Marie; my gracious hostess!!! Thank you all so very very very much!

I can't believe in just a little over a month I will be a mother of 3 BOYS!
Not too hard to believe when your husband is the 4th of ALL boys.

Monday, June 7, 2010

'Round the Rose Bushes

My mom and I had a fun little photo shoot at my sis' house. I love her rose bushes! Enjoy-

Monday, May 24, 2010

Picture Gallery

Just a few pictures I haven't gotten to post: My 30th Surprise B-day, Evan's 3rd B-day (dallas and Austin) Browse and Enjoy!

Surprise!! Bucca de Beppo dinner with family- I had NO idea!

My beautiful sis, Christina, and me!

My wonderful and sexy hubby that made it all happen!

Evan's 3rd B-day!
(in Dallas)

"E-mpa" got Evan a birthday crown!

Mima scored big with Toy Story 3 loot!!

Geo Trax rule!!

Happy birthday boy with his Woody and Buzz PJs !!

p.s. Evan decided it was his party and ate cake till 11 pm that night!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

6 1/2 Months

Already two-thirds of the way there, this pregnancy has been quite a journey. Even though it is my third, it has been the most memorable. Having the boys around to watch me grow has been really fun! At the beginning when I told Evan I had a baby in my belly, he decided he did, too! He loved pulling up his shirt and touching our bellies together; for a while it was his baby, and not mine! So sweet. Cole used his "all-knowing" 7 yr old humor and happily told friends,"My mommy has a baby sister in her belly, but . . . well, we don't know it's a sister because it's only the size of a frog!" That is definitely going in the baby book.:) He also loves telling me everyday that my belly is getting really big, and talking to the baby. There is already so much love from these brothers to their soon-to-be brother, a beautiful bond is beginning.

The Preggos: Suzanne and I at Jacob's 30th B-Day. She is having a boy!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

'It's a Boy!', 'It's a Boy!', 'It's a . . . . Boy?!'

Well there you have it! I guess we over dosed on pink! There is another "noise with dirt on it" growing in my belly. We went for a Fetal Heart Echo on the 12th, and it was actually too early for it, so we got to find out the sex of the baby! The tech said the baby was right on track for 18 weeks, and already weighed about a pound! Whew- I keep telling myself I better watch my starches and sugars, or this might be a 10 pound baby! So if I do the math, we are set for the week of July 11th! We are thinking of names Emmett or Emmitt, Embry, or Emerson, maybe Elvis. We think we will stick with the E names, but it is getting hard to find one we really like and think is special. I really like Embry and think Emmitt is fun. So it still remains to be decided. Thanks for all your hopes and painted toe nails, but now onto frogs snail and puppy dog tails!!! Love to all!