Thursday, February 25, 2010

'It's a Boy!', 'It's a Boy!', 'It's a . . . . Boy?!'

Well there you have it! I guess we over dosed on pink! There is another "noise with dirt on it" growing in my belly. We went for a Fetal Heart Echo on the 12th, and it was actually too early for it, so we got to find out the sex of the baby! The tech said the baby was right on track for 18 weeks, and already weighed about a pound! Whew- I keep telling myself I better watch my starches and sugars, or this might be a 10 pound baby! So if I do the math, we are set for the week of July 11th! We are thinking of names Emmett or Emmitt, Embry, or Emerson, maybe Elvis. We think we will stick with the E names, but it is getting hard to find one we really like and think is special. I really like Embry and think Emmitt is fun. So it still remains to be decided. Thanks for all your hopes and painted toe nails, but now onto frogs snail and puppy dog tails!!! Love to all!