Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Procreation Mamma Nation

I 'm not sure what I really mean by that title, but my friends at work are really having a blast with my pregnancy, thus this random conglomeration of words!

It has been a trend, from the start, how our family receives many packages to open at once. With Ethan Cole we moved from Austin to Ft. Worth, got married, and moved into and apartment- only to turn around and take him home- with in 3 months. Evan was welcomed with our new house, then miraculous heart surgery and sending his brother to Kindergarten. As we near the arrival of our final addition, I believe this will be the most abundant of celebrations thus far! This time we are graced with the purchase of a new vehicle, and . . . . . . .Bobby's PROMOTION to Branch Manager!! He has been working 3 years for this, and I must say it is the butter cream frosting on the cake!!! Needless to say this will all happen in just 2 months time. Plus it has been a wonderful time celebrating with family and friends. My baby shower wrapped up the week and we had a wonderful girly time, then we fired up the grill and Bobby cooked fajitas for us to finish the day! Whew!

My Baby Shower

Baby, Boy, Sweet, and Cute!

June 5th, 2010

Ignore my goofy face, and check out the bunny Shawna HAND STITCHED for me!

Above, the newset mommy on the block- Jenny and me! Below, my latest attachment :) Thanks to all my friends and family for a wonderful shower, and especially to Marie; my gracious hostess!!! Thank you all so very very very much!

I can't believe in just a little over a month I will be a mother of 3 BOYS!
Not too hard to believe when your husband is the 4th of ALL boys.

Monday, June 7, 2010

'Round the Rose Bushes

My mom and I had a fun little photo shoot at my sis' house. I love her rose bushes! Enjoy-