Thursday, September 16, 2010

Everhett's Second Month

2 months Old!
12lbs, 9oz

Holding Aunt Teeni's hand. . . . . awwww!

Bath at Mima's house!

Great Grampa Moore and Betty

In his tiny path of life, he is learning about cooing and kisses! He is a very attentive boy, and recognises a new person when they come near me. He has gifted everyone with a side smile and a coo, saving me for last! In the midst of all the amazing new changes in him, there are still the challenges. He cries, but not enough to be colic, and I think he just wants to be entertained. He calms when I sing lullabies, plus I found he loves to be on his back, especially at his changing table, watching the sun thru the trees.
As my appetite has finally calmed a little, Everhett is discovering sleep is his friend. He starts the night off in my arms, then the pack'n'play bassinet for the long stretches. A few times he has slept with me in bed, but only for a nursing session or two. At night he likes to whimper for a few midnight snacks, and then drifts off almost immediately. He is sleeping well in the first half of the day, then likes to keep me guessing in the evenings. We have started using the cradle swing, that our friend Marie let us use, for some of his napping, and that is a nice change for Everhett. I don't have a mobile yet, so when he lays there he gets to watch the birds and leaves spin around.

To end his 2nd month, he started daycare at Live Oak CDC.
This center was opened by one of Evan's old assistant directors, from Barton Creek CDC, Christine. Everhett;s teacher is great with babies- I didn't get one phone call from them on the first day! I really did well, letting him go at TWO months. Cole and Evan were 18 mths before they entered, but when combining a new job to go to, knowing and trusting your daycare, and nervous excitement, somewhere it all equals OK! I love him so much, I wouldn't leave him so early if it didn't feel so right. Also, he love to smile and make little "talking noises". He loves when we make goofy faces and coo at him. All around happy baby boy!